I specialize in helping clients restore balance to their lives through healing past painful events or relational injuries that repeatedly trigger internal conflict, over-reactivity, and self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior patterns.  Many people underestimate the impact that family-of-origin relationships have had on their current perception of self and others.  I help clients identify and reprocess past painful experiences underlying current issues so that they can experience more presence, joy, and compassion in their life.

I also enjoy working with individuals seeking to improve their relationship skills.  Oftentimes, it's the wounds of the past that push the emotional buttons triggered in relationships.  My experience with healing emotional memories helps clients to apply relationship skills with more ease.  I have training in both the Gottman Method and Relational Life Therapy to provide education and guidance in using communication and relational skills that are integral to healthy relationships.

Trauma-informed Counseling for Adults 21yo and older..
Individual psychotherapy
(in-person or via Telehealth)

Treatment of distressful events causing...


Panic Attacks


Intrusive Imagery

Angry outbursts


Relational Reactivity

Compulsive caretaking/people pleasing




Intensive Trauma Treatment
(in-person or via Telehealth)

Bi-weekly extended sessions

I'm available to work with you more intensively for two sessions per week for up to 120 minutes each.  Unfortunately, insurance doesn't pay for intensive trauma treatment, but you will pay less per hour as I offer the second hour at a discount to the first ($120 versus $80 for second hour).  It is also a more efficient way to work with a given trauma memory as more time can be spent in processing versus opening and closing the session.  If you are interested in this option, please contact me for a screening to evaluate whether intensive treatment would be  helpful to you. 

Fees and Insurance

Insurances accepted: BCBS, Cigna, United Health Care/UBH/Optum, and Medcost.