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Relax your body, calm your mind
I use the Trauma Resiliency Model co-developed by Elaine Miller-Karas of the Trauma Resource Institute to help clients develop basic resiliency skills to restore balance to the mind and body, which often becomes chronically dysregulated after distressing events.  Once a client is able to regulate their nervous system to some degree using the resiliency skills, then we can begin the process of neutralizing distressful events that have led to undesired symptoms. 
EMDR treatment to Release the past 

I use the EMDR treatment approach developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro of the EMDR Institute, Inc.  The method has been empirically validated in multiple randomized control trials for the treatment of traumatic stress reactions.  The process uses eye-movements and other forms of bi-lateral stimulation to re-process distressful events so that they no longer emotionally hijack the present.  Many clients know that their emotional reactions are unwarranted in the current situation, but due to the past memory, they are unable to feel at peace or behave as desired.  Once such memories are re-processed, the person's body and mind can relax and their symptoms dissipate.  

Achieve, Grow

You're not alone.  In today's world, distressful events are common.  Any event can have  adverse effects depending on the age and resources of the individual at the time of the event.  Examples of distressing events are:

  • teasing, bullying

  • witnessing violence toward a loved one (parent, sibling, spouse)

  • parental separation or divorce

  • childhood neglect, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse

  • caregiver leaving the home due to illness, incarceration, or death

  • chaos in the home due to poverty, mental illness or substance abuse

  • near death experiences

  • environmental disasters - fires, floods, earthquakes, etc

  • motor vehicle accidents

  • adult physical and/or sexual assault

  • emotional abuse

If you or someone you know is affected negatively by their past, please know that healing is possible. 

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